There are fundamental properties that make our products effective. 

We work with natural processes to enhance their function within existing farming practice. Our systems are focused on improving the health of soil and building systems that create jobs, reduce the damage to the environment and minimise costs for farmers.

To achieve this we have ensured that each of our products; fix more in the soil than is released, encourage a healthy soil environment, and easily fit with the logistics and practice of modern farming.

Good for you

Good for you -

Good for people

Pesticides and fertilisers end up in fresh and ground water due to run-off, which has a high impact on our health. Standard Bio's solution stops that from happening. 

Good for soil and plant

Good for soil & plants

Less use of chemical fertiliser and pesticides, while damaged soil is being naturally regenerated. Standard Bio provides custom-tailored plant nutrition through our recipe development. 

Good for business

Good for business

- Waste to profit

- High resource utilisation

We create superior, environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Profitable, with a huge market potential.

Surface area

More space to
work with

One spoon of biochar has a surface area of approximately one football field. Biochar contains a very stable form of carbon (soil organic matter), which is resistant to being broken down by microorganisms. This poses thereby as a possibility of carbon conservation (which otherwise would be released as greenhouse gas CO2) and its long-term storage up to 1000 years.

Microbial activity is promoted, which leads to a healthy soil. Microorganisms produce plant-available nutrients, for example through mineralization of organic Nitrogen into it's plant available form, ensuring the right nutrition in line with plant requirements.

The higher carbon content in soil, promoting microbial activity, which results in higher amount of plant-available nitrogen (more than 20 kg N/ha/year for each percent of organic matter), makes our product NEB so efficient.

Adding biochar to soil (compost or manure) not only promotes but changes microbial activity to the better. Microorganisms produce much less greenhouse gases (methane and N2O, up to 90% decreased), which is observed in the liquid spreading of manure and digestate.

Dried and granular

Made to fit

We deliver our product, with its concentrated nutritional quality and humification capacity. This makes it easy and inexpensive to standardise, package, transport and apply using conventional logistics and farming systems.