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With technology and competency, Standard Bio converts waste streams to profitable, sustainable and environmentally friendly products and solutions that are easy to use and accessible to farmers and end-consumers at competitive prices

Created in Norway – adapted for the world.

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Feeding the world

The world needs clean, efficient and sustainable alternatives to existing farming methods which will protect soil health and maintain food production.

The food production demands of an increasing global population has been met by widespread use of nitrogen fertilisers (100 million tonnes per year).

Protecting a finite resource

The production of nitrogen fertiliser is an energy intensive and expensive process. Farming has become reliant on its input leading to damaged soil health and high nutrient loss into waterways.

Soil is a valuable and finite resource. It is vital to deliver systems that return the nutrients and biological processes that protect its health.

source: Status of the World's Soil Resources - Main Report 2015 

Circular economy

Each stage feeds
the next

Our products come from a system designed to use the natural resources, processes and nutrients that are available to farming now.

Large quantities of animal manure is available to the farming industry. Current spreading of this as fertiliser is ineffective with up to 75% of nutrients being lost to run-off and to the air, with damaging consequences for the environment.

The biogas industry faces a similar problem, as they produce vast amounts of digestate as a byproduct to their process. Digestate is 97% liquid and thereby, when spread, bound to run-off, damaging the environment.

Our products and system are focused on creating a lossless transfer of these nutrients to the soil. This creates a circular economy for the farmer or biogas plant operator with a direct link between their resource and their fertiliser.

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Why it works

Our aim is to deliver more efficient, environmental and profitable ways for agriculture to use its resources.

For two years we have been refining our agronomic products and processing technology to be good for the farmer and good for the environment.

Our products produce healthy soil, fix more carbon and reduce the cost, financially and environmentally, for farmers.

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