Our goal is to create healthy soil to sustain plant growth naturally and sustainable.

Standard Bio has found a way to capture the valuable nutrients in manure and digestate by observing nature.

Biochar, used in ancient time to produce Terra Preta, has shown remarkable beneficial impact on the stability and health of soil.

Nutrients are captured in the pores and thereby held in the soil, where the plants can easily access the needed nutrition. Microbes, the natural stabilser in healthy soil find a protective home in the pores of biochar. Microbes have a trading pact with plants. While plants supply microbes with sugar, the microbes present the right nutrition to the plant in a plant available form.

Standard Bio has found a way to produce biochar energy efficiently as natural adsorbent for the else lost nutrients in manure and digestate - building the foundation of our process and products


Our soil improving product NEB, contains all a healthy soil needs. It provides nutrition and activates soils natural secret gardener -the microbes. Water retention, as well as the retention of nutrients is ensured. No run-off to fresh water and ground water.

Our product provides sufficient nutrition levels, stabilising soil and promoting microbial activity. Through microbes a constance in nutrition to your plants/crop is naturally secured.

NEB granulated

NEB is granulated, allowing spreading with conventional farming equipment. It is sterile, transportable and exportable, with a long shelf life


The core of our technology is the Kjurromat™– a mechanical separator/drying device, allowing energy efficient drying of our product. 

Air is introduced into the cyclone through an innovative nozzle design, which delivers high velocity. The process temperature is controllable.

The Kjurromat is currently patent pending.

Biorefinery package

Refinery Package -

A fine tuned symbiosis

Standard Bio offers farmers and biogas plant operators a turn-key refinery, turning their waste product into a valuable natural soil improvement product. Each biorefining package will be tailor-made according to the specific needs and production potential of each customer.

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